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37th Spinners’ Arts and Crafts Show 2018 Prizes

Grand Prize- Queen Size Quilt “It’s All Tied Up” sewn by Spinners(Wyatt Willis)

2nd Prize-A $150 Creative Memories Bundle from Kristi Lynn (Will Felio)

3rd Prize- A $100 Avon Gift Set from Jackie Alker (Brittany Josey)

4th Prize-  $100 from River Bank and Trust (Joyce Thorn)

5th Prize-A $75.95  Birthday Party Package from Bama Lanes (Amanda Krecker)

6th Prize- A $60 pre-etched close to home caddy from, Michelle Adams,  Thirty-one consultant (C. Yarns)

7th Prize- A $60 Cold Brew Pitcher from, Michelle Adams, Pampered Chef consultant (Morris McKenna)

8th Prize- A $60 Rodan & Fiel Product from, Stephanie Gray, Rodan & Fiel consultant (Amanda Causey)

9th Prize- A $50 gift certificate for dog grooming from Fairy Tails Grooming Salon (Frances Jackson)

10th Prize- A $50 Mary Kay Gift Set from, Della Lansdell, Mary Kay Consultant (Jeannie snellgrove)

11th Prize- A $50 gift certificate for T-shirt  Vinyl Creation from Cut’n Up with Elizabeth Parrish (Jack Schofield)

12th Prize- A $50 gift certificate to Logan’s Roadhouse ((Barbara Jacks)

13th Prize- A $50 piece of jewelry from, Regina May, A Premier Jewelry consultant (Parker Johnson)

14th Prize-$50 gift card for flower arrangement from Dana’s Floral (Matt Hall)

15th Prize- A $30 gift certificate from Pzazz Art Studio (Pattie Stadlberger)

16th Prize-  A handmade casserole dish from Cynthia Salyer (John Blumentritt)

17th prize- one overnight stay at marriott hotel Prattville location (Leo Dailey)

18th prize-21st prize-  Prime rib lovers dinner for two from O’Charley’s (Jamie C., L.J. Stinson, Lila Ridings, Roger Tinsley)