Financial and/or Service Form

Each year we prepare a budget to fund the programs submitted for approval by the general membership.  If you would like for Spinners to help your organization, please complete the application form listed below and return .

Please be aware that the funds for all approved programs or projects will be disbursed after

the annual Spinners Arts and Crafts Show in October.

Note: If your organization receives funding this fiscal year, Spinners is requesting a letter

describing how the money was used if you want to be considered again for future programs

                                                                 or projects.

                                                                      Thank you,

                                                                 Service Committee


For Organizations Requesting Financial and/or Service Help

Spinners is a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) women's service organization that strives to

help others in our community.  We are able to accomplish this through the funds generated by

sponsoring the annual Arts & Crafts Show a Spinners Park in Prattville on the 4th weekend

                                                                    in October


    P.O. Box68000  

Prattville, AL 36068


Spinners Financial and/or Service Help